Wednesday, October 22, 2014

No one is being controlled

It is the act of a desperate man to try and maintain an impossible conspiracy position when no logical proof exists. In fact I would refer to this sort of behavior as paranoid.

And yet John Best attempts to create something out of nothing, accusing both Erik Nanstiel and Jennifer Larsen of being "controlled opposition liars". Meaning that they are lying because they are being controlled.

There is no proof of this at all in either conversation that John re-produced - from where he does not say. John simply decides that "Silence is consent", which is an extraordinary attempt to clutch at straws. There are many possible reasons why John was greeted with silence on the point he was trying to make, and I will not expand upon this as it should be clear to anyone who reads the conversations.

John seems to be unable to comprehend the possibility of what he has believed in for so long could in fact be wrong. Such an inability provides more proof of my opinion from a while back asserting that he was coming down with dementia. The sooner he is treated for this debilitating condition the better.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Updating this blog

Real life intervened preventing me from addressing this matter any further, but I now have a moment to catch up and reflect on this poor example of God's creation of the homosapien.

Soon after my last entry, John Best reprinted his treacherous "Declaration of Independence". I already reviewed this point by point over a year ago and nothing has changed. John has however added a 22nd point to his previous 21;

The People hereby abolish the electoral college.
This would leave a large hole in the political process that John has failed to replace in his Declaration. As a result, the political process would completely collapse and anarchy would result.

Twice since I last posted, John has repeated the 12th Protocol of Zionism. The first is that they control the press. This is completely false and I have previously proven this to be so as I recall. The second is that they prevent any announcement from being made without their prior knowledge. That is equally false. This protocol is not what has "prevented" John's message from getting out. It's the knowledge by the majority of Americans that what he says is a nonsense.

There is no slavery. John is misrepresenting the two party system of the United States by claiming that it's a version of slavery that no one can vote for anyone outside of the Republican or Democrat parties. The reality is that a number of other parties run for election in the United States. Indeed, Minnesota got itself an independent Governor at one point so it can be done. This is further proof that John needs to stand up and get out into the field instead of hiding in his home and using the Internet to get his message across. It won't work. I have already previous addressed the issue of Congress being corrupt. If there is any proof of this, John needs to name names and call them out. He will not do this.

In April John claimed that he quit. He gave up. I do not know if this is true and there was only one more entry on his blog since then. He ranted about ex military people and lawyers who won't "do the right thing" and add to his message. They won't because they know that what John brings to the table is not true. and he has become so blinded he can not see it. In the end, he is labeling everyone as the enemy.

You have brainwashed yourself into a corner, John. Your levels of obsession are absolute. You will die one day from this level is distress you are inflicting on yourself, and that will be of no assistance to your family or naturally yourself.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Lucifer has not won

It never ceases to amaze me how far John Best will go to make a point. We are free. Our freedom was not lost 100 years ago. We know the difference between lies and truth, but John Best does not. He is not alone but thankfully they are in the vast minority. We are not enslaved and no one will be killed outright. There are no murders happening now and it is criminal folly to suggest that there is.

I don't know what John Best wanted in one week, and I suppose we will never know. I think we can take it from this that John's blog will soon be removed from the blogosphere. I hope so. It doesn't make any positive contributions to the real debate upon which genuine freedom of speech is based.

Monday, December 30, 2013

Attacking a fellow veteran

I don't know much about The Liberty Beacon, but given John's history of promoting his own interpretation of freedom and democracy it would be against what he proposes as it opposes freedom. When I examined his so-called "Declaration of Independence" I called it a document written by a traitor. Roger, a veteran, could have seen the same thing. I don't know if he is a former Navy chief or not, but if he is he would be in a great position to review the oath that John would also have taken as an Air Force Officer (I thank Phil/Timelord for that information). And understand what it truly means.

I also previously noted John's previous 12 hour banning on Facebook in September. It is obvious that he didn't read the memorandum about behaving himself there. It is a shame that we can not see this conversation for ourselves. I have no doubt that the "sissy" is John. John is not a patriot. He is a traitor. I have said that before and it continues to be proven to be true. John is against true liberty and he is so blinded by his beliefs he can only cry himself. And not even realize that is what he is doing.

You have no claim to Freedom of Speech, John, when you break every other rule in whatever book you care to name. You are not a true American. Leave. Right now. We, the people, don't want you here.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

More Treachery

I can not believe what John Best has written over the last week on his blog, Autism Fraud. The subject matter is totally at variants with the original thrust of the blog to the point that John should make a decision. Start a new blog, or rename the current one to something more relevant.

I have previously criticised the original 13th amendment as contrary to the freedoms we have for any American citizen to run for public office. I would suggest that this is why it was never ratified. That is the only explanation I can derive from it's failure to be included in the Constitution. An amendment can not be just dropped as John is seemingly suggesting. If John wishes to prevent people from being elected he must run against them if he can, or run a campaign against them to encourage others to vote for other candidates. I honestly believe John doesn't really understand the concept of freedom for all.

But this diatribe regarding the military oath is just staggering! Mind boggling even!

I'm not a political expert, but if the members of Congress are subject to the same rules of privilege as the President then the only way a member of Congress can be removed is by impeachment, or whatever the term is for them. For that to happen there has to be a certain set of circumstances that allow for it, as was the case with Richard Nixon. If John is aware of anything like this he needs to name names and describe their activities and how they warrant a relevant order from Congress. At present he has not. He is simply generalizing and as a consequence making himself look like a bona fide traitor. The military has no power over Congress. They never have and they never will either. The structure means that they ultimately take their orders from their Commander-in-Chief, and that is the President. Any member of the military that disobeys the President would be subject to an immediate court martial and dishonorable discharge from the service. And yet that is what John Best appears to be seeking.

This is more evidence that John Best is guilty of treason as I have mentioned previously. He should be arrested and charged same.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Facebook Censorship

I don't have an account with Facebook, but from the description given by John Best on what happened to him it would appear that they apply the diplomacy rules of social engagement. I've already said on this blog that John is not a diplomat, and this is why he was blocked for 12 hours. Facebook is not a government instrumentality so they are not required to hold to the tenets of the First Amendment. That fact would make any threat by John to sue Facebook empty.

I don't know what Dave Parker's general position is on the issues at hand, but it seems that he has a good idea about free energy. He has recognized John as a nasty individual and yes, his manner is verbally violent and imputes a violent revolution. Act "Now" imputes instant action and the only instant action is a violent one. It's a shame that John is too blinded by hate to see this.

I am starting to wonder if this line of thinking may in fact be anti-semantic. The Rothschild family appears to be Jewish according to Wikipedia and John's obsession with Zionism is consistent with this. But I have nothing else to go on to prove it.

I should also address this hatred of banking, which has been detailed tremendously in this blog. It is intense and also obsessional, but whether or not there is anything to it by itself I have no clue. It would make sense given the level of obsession with the Rothschild family that there isn't.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Where the Power truly lies

I linked my last entry to John on his Autism Fraud blog, and there has been no reply. However, there have been no less than three incredible entries that further prove that he is demented. In a nutshell, he claims that his own allies are against him on Facebook, he thinks that the Russian President has some influence over United States decision making in vaccine production and yet again he thinks that his word will start a revolution by itself. I shall concentrate in this entry on the last one by correcting a number of observations he has made.

"WE have the power! WE have to stand up for ourselves and tell all of these criminal politicians to get the *&^# out of our country!!!"

There are only two ways to achieve this. Filing an action in the Courts claiming Constitutional violations, or voting against them at elections.

"WE have the power to seize the TV networks and tell each other the whole truth!"

To achieve this, we have to buy them out first.

"WE have the power to stop the illegal immigrants from coming in here and undercutting our wages to take out jobs."

To achieve this, we must increase border patrols twenty fold and also make Americans take these jobs. At present Americans are not interested in them and that is why employers want the immigrants.

"WE have the power to direct our schools to teach everyone what the bankers have done over the last 200+ years to destroy our freedoms!"

To achieve this, we must elect politicians who are willing to do this. This is aside from the fact that all the banks are doing is doing business. This is within the Constitution and to try to stop them constitutes restraint of trade.

"WE have the power to take every dime back that the bankers stole from us!"

We would have to prove theft occurred first, and in the majority of cases it has not.

"WE have the power to stop corporations like Monsanto from poisoning us with their crap they pass off as food!"

The first thing to do is to stop buying it. As long as people buy it, we do not have such a power.

"WE have the power to reopen all of our factories and make our own goods that won't fall apart in three weeks like the crap that we buy from China!"

But we do not have the power to do this at a competitive price, unless we pay the same low wages created by the illegal immigrants.

"WE have the power to tell out slimy corporations that they can't do credit checks on us, investigate what we say on the internet or tell us how we can wear our facial hair in order to work for them!"

We do have that power, and they have the power to show us the door in response to this refusal to co-operate.

"WE have the power to tell our government that WE will say whatever WE want, wherever WE want to say it, and whenever WE want to say it and that they better not even think about telling us that WE can't!"

There are however guidelines in place in general society that give just cause for us to ignore, or in extreme cases of slander or libel gag speech. The latter is of course rare.

"WE have the power to stop the planes from dropping chemicals on us!"

As long as our elected officials are prepared to do that.

"WE have the right to carry a gun any time WE want to, any kind of gun WE want and there is nothing they can say about it!"

This is true, but it comes at a cost as the children of Sandy Hook Elementary School found out last December.

"WE can put the 13th amendment back into the Constitution, keep the lawyers from ever perverting the Constitution again and repeal ever law that these lowlifes stuck us with!"

I have already addressed this in my response to John's Declaration of Independence.


Indeed we can, but it requires a number of different tactics that John will not accept. He does not have the answers and as long as he effectively screams and yells like a petulant child he never will.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Definition of Freedom, Control and so forth

I honestly believe that John Best must be a distracting puppet sent by the real enemies of Freedom and Democracy. I can not believe there could be an American who could be so detached from reality. I guess he is the sort of person who would see all that he sees as being in the same vein as the current crisis in Syria with the use of banned chemical weapons, and is seeking action. He is not going to achieve this with Zionist style rhetoric that ceased to be relevant upon the establishment of Israel.

To begin, there is much propaganda on the Internet. However the distractions are coming from malcontents like John Best. He attempts to distract and does a poor job of it because he doesn't realize that the important people realize that he is not worth the time and effort. John is in fact trying to sow the seeds of disorganization himself and undo the education that has been provided by the media to encourage us to think. That is the true definition of Freedom. If anything is hidden it is because it will not further the understanding of everything important. The majority of the United States of America know this. John does not and he tries to change the field against the majority. People who do that from such a weak position as his will be treated as he deserves. He does not have anything substantial to prove what he says is true. He only has the very propaganda he opposes, and that makes him no better that those he is trying to expose - and therefore a liar.

The channels of communication are open. We all know this to be true. CNN achieved this end and it has expanded ever since with the expansion of cable television throughout the world. Those in power know also what needs to stay secret, and this is why Wikileaks were being so disruptive within diplomatic avenues. If we need to know something we will be told. John is equally disruptive and is being treated in the same way, except that he doesn't know what is really true anymore. To call all politicians liars is not strictly a lie, but John is a politician himself as he engages in the same behavior. To call them corrupt demonstrates a lack of understanding of the political system as it stands. It may have it's issues, but as long as Americans aren't interested this will not change. John is trying to play the game instead of really trying to change it properly. As a result, no one will listen to him any more than they will listen to members of the government.

I don't know what has been happening on Facebook, but I am willing to bet that many complaints have been made about John's websites and the sites he has linked. They would be seen as offensive, abusive and inane, and a refusal to listen and learn the art of positive presentation of negative information. A form of diplomacy. John has none. He makes America look bad in the eyes of others and that is why he is being silenced legally. The other sites just want attention. They are simply using their Freedom of Speech rights and nothing more than that. It's all they are interested in. John gets banned from anywhere and everywhere because he is extraordinarily rude, extremely offensive and a full on bully.

I have already dissected his New Declaration of Independence on this blog. I would suggest that the places John has tried to contact know what I have said about it is at least partly correct in their eyes. As for John's attempt to run for President, he needs to get off his computer and travel to get his message out. There is no other way to gain attention even if it's not the sort he wants. Ron Paul, Gary Johnson and Jill Stein know this. The 88 percent who didn't sign the petition made that decision not because they like the government. They didn't sign because they knew 95 percent trash when they read it.

Now while John has a argument against the United States banking sector, he is erroneously including the Federal Reserve in this. The Fed may decide on interest rates, but it's not up to the banking sector to follow them. John clearly sees the banks and the government in cahoots, and in the case of the Republicans he would be correct. The Democrats however see the issue only to not be able to do anything about it due to the numbers in the Senate.

John is a control freak. He craves it and he doesn't have it. He is unable to handle that fact and it's why he is demented. We can all see this and it's why his message doesn't get out. For all John's efforts to stand up for himself he will forever stand alone. And that won't change unless John accepts that his present tactics are harming his stand, whether he's right or not. The sane people of planet Earth know that he's not.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Who's the liar?

John Best is clearly out to muddy the waters of the argument over what causes Autism.

In his latest Autism Fraud entry, he attempts to call White Out Press liars for promoting the MMR vaccine as causing Autism. I am not familiar with the decisions White Out Press refers to, but if they were made the Vaccine Court here they are not really worth the paper they are written on in law. The reason for this is that the Vaccine Court does not seek iron clad proof. It's happy with more than 50 percent proof. So I would not read anything into their decisions.

Dr Wakefield was struck off the British Medical Register for fraud. This comes from a country that does not take it's public health lightly and the decision would not have been made without considerable and detailed consideration.

I take issue with John Best's claim that the first Autistic cases were reported after the introduction of thimerosal. Autism has been around a lot longer than vaccines have been. It is genetic and no one has proven otherwise yet and I don't think they will.

That is real talk, John. You are wrong. So is White Out Press. So who is the liar? Both.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Just now I noticed that the last few entries weren't published due to a setting I changed accidentally and forgot to reset. That problem has now been fixed so enjoy the entries I have been putting on here lately. Thank you.